Where did the idea come from?

When I was a child, I read a short story that really impressed me.Two knights decide to go kill a terrible beast which terrorizes an entire region.They therefore leave in armor to face the demon.When they arrive, night has fallen.

In the distance, sinister sounds announce the arrival of the monster.He crawls on the ground at high speed.The eyes are blazing with hatred and its mouth, wide open, is like a pit of flame.He growls and roars.

The two knights, lance in hand, rush to attack the horrible head but their spears break on the scales of the monster.This strikes and the dislocated and lifeless bodies are thrown back into the grass.

The train continues its route through the countryside without realizing the drama that had just played out against its side.

Nothing other than this opening on a temporal and dimensional door.Who, from the train or from the knights, got lost through time?

** I found this short story "The Dragon" by Ray Bradbury.Thank you Mélanie Cormier for the research **

I like trains.The shrill sound of metal-on-metal wheels with the rails, the smell of gunpowder that emanates from them.For me the choice was simple.The dragon that is not.

In addition, an avatar name chosen at random by my game console; FieldDragon which I have freely translated.

I had found my name, my image.The strange and the real, the deceptive impressions.Create astonishment.This is all The Dragon in the Meadow.

PS The image of the page was created by me thanks to a multitude of overlays and manipulations of different photos free of rights on the site Pixabay.com

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